Sunday, 24 January 2010

Presentation Prepared

I had another one of those nights where I didn't need medication to help me sleep; what I needed was something to wake me up this morning. It took me until nearly midday to get to a state where I knew what I was doing. I popped round to the local Tesco Express to get a few essentials and then came home and heated up my lunch in the microwave.

This afternoon I have spent my time moving from one computer to another to get the screen shots that I needed for my presentation. It's a real pain when you don't have the same applications on each computer and this is something that I must remedy in the near future.

I have now managed to get everything together on one computer (thank goodness for USB memory sticks), completed the PowerPoint presentation, including adding a couple more slides to round up the presentation and I have emailed it to the person indicated on the letter inviting me to interview. I have also loaded it on to one of my USB memory sticks and put it in my handbag so if there are any problems with the emailed version I still have a copy of it that can be loaded on to a computer.

Tomorrow I just have to finish getting all the paperwork together and then I will be ready. Well, as ready as I can be.

I am now thinking about getting myself something to eat again. I have decided that soup fits the bill with a bread roll to dip in it. I've decided on soup because I have got a cold starting and a nice big bowl of mulligatawny soup, which is both filling and spicy will hopefully help to drive the cold away. I just don't need a runny nose at the moment.

Tomorrow I have to go to see the HTT first thing in the morning, well 10am actually, so I should be home by midday and I aim to have a relaxing afternoon before having an early night in preparation for the dreaded interview.

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alhi said...

It's not a dreaded interview! You are going to rock this: you know you can do the job as you're already doing it, you're off to the House of Commons to discuss the issue and you're well prepared. PMA:D