Thursday, 21 January 2010

Preparing For The Interview

I know that I still have to finish my presentation, and it's still quite a few days until my interview but worrybones that I am means that this afternoon I have been making sure that I have done all the things that I need to do.

Over the last hour I have managed to confirm that I will be attending the interview. This was relatively easy in that it just required me to go to the NHS Jobs website, login to my account on it, and then mark the confirm interview box. Not exactly rocket science but it needed to be done. I have made a list of the documentation that I need to take with me. Tomorrow I will have to fire up the printer so that I can get my academic summary from the OU website because I am not going armed with my framed degree diploma, and I must sort out three items for identification. This seems a little bit silly as one of the interview panel knows me so I couldn't send someone in my place if I wanted to.

I have also logged on to the Transport for London website to check how I get to the place where the interview is being held. I knew which bus I needed to get already but I needed confirmation of where I had to go when I got off the bus. I will have to make an early start from home on Tuesday morning so that means that I will have to make sure that I get to bed early on Monday night.

Tomorrow morning I will sit down at the computer again to finish the slides for my presentation and write the notes. Then I shall print the relevant pages out so that I have them to refer to if necessary. I also have to email the PowerPoint presentation to one of the interview panel by 3pm on Monday, so if I am happy with everything I will do that tomorrow too.

That leaves just sorting out what I am going to wear. This should be fairly easy as I have just invested in a new suit for the occasion so I should only have to check that it is pressed and ready for me to put on, that I have all the necessary other items (shoes, blouse, handbag) placed conveniently, and this is something that I shall do on Sunday.

I think that covers all that I need to do and by having made sure of what was necessary a few days in advance I shouldn't be running around like a headless chicken when Monday arrives. I have to go to see the Home Treatment Team on Monday morning for my weekly appointment with them and it is important for me to have as easy a time as possible for the rest of the day so that I don't get more anxious than is necessary. I am reasonably calm at the moment because I have taken it easy over the last few days; now I just have to maintain that level of calmness until Tuesday. The only problem is that it is easy for me to say that but how things turn out in reality could be something completely different.

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cb said...

I know I haven't commented about the interview yet but I've been meaning to so will put my 'good luck' wishes here!