Friday, 29 January 2010

Out To Lunch

It was another bad night for sleep although I'm not at all surprised. I am planning an early night for later which will have all the things that should ensure a good night's sleep; hot bath, hot chocolate and sleep medication.

I have decided that it was just not worth my while busting a gut to get the final assignment of my OU course done for midday. I tried several attempts at writing the required short story, but nothing was very good and all were far short of the word count required. I just have to accept that I did the course at a bad time. How was I to know that I would have a mammoth period of depression which would delay me starting the course and as a result I have never been able to tackle it with anything like the enthusiasm that was required.

So, in order to make sure that I don't just sit here moping all day I have phoned Lily and we are going to meet up for lunch. This will make a change from our usual cup of tea and it means that I can have a long chat with her. I can get up to date with how her current placement is going and what she is going to be doing next. I will probably also get an update on what the ferrets have been up to.

While I was trying to pass the hours when sleep would not come I started work on another post in the Tackling the Mental Health Minefield series and another one on a subject that I have never covered before but which is pretty topical at the moment. Hopefully they should both be published later today.

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