Monday, 11 January 2010

A Bit Of A Thaw

I eventually managed to get out to get my parcels from the local sorting office this morning. I needed to get some food too, so I couldn't put it off any longer. I knew that it was still cold out so I made sure that I was well wrapped up and that I wore a hat and some gloves and equipped with my shopping bag and walking stick I set out. Most of the snow at the back of the house had gone but there was still much on the road and pavements at the side of the house.

As I stepped off the drive onto the pavement I put my foot down somewhat gingerly but I needn't have worried. The surface that last week had been so slippery was today quite soft. There had been a little more snow over the weekend but the real reason that it was much safer underfoot was the fact that the snow was actually melting. We are having a bit of a thaw at the moment and even though it is still very cold it is possible that by the end of the week most of the snow on the pavements will have disappeared.

I made it to the sorting office without a hint of a slip and then made my way to the supermarket for life's essentials. I now have bread and milk as well as a few other bits and pieces and I should be fine until the end of the week now. I decided to travel as much of the way home as I could by bus because the shopping was quite heavy and I really didn't want to come a cropper if I did mange to find a patch of icy pavement. In the end I made it home quite safely and once indoors I started to warm up a little.

I managed to get to sleep last night without the aid of medication and somewhat unbelievably actually managed to sleep in this morning too. I was supposed to go to see the HTT this morning at 10am, but I was still asleep then. I eventually woke at about 10.30 and knowing that I had other things to do that were far more important than going to see the HTT I decided to phone them to apologise for not being there owing to my having overslept. I had a brief chat and when asked when I wanted to go to see them I persuaded them that as I had a lot to do this week, especially having to get my assignment in to my tutor by lunchtime on Friday, that I not call in this week but go to see them next Monday. This was accepted by them and so I have a reprieve for this week.

Tomorrow I am off to see the psychologist again and I am already beginning to get anxious about it. Last week's session was less psychotherapy and more an opportunity to talk about how the news about Mr Smiley has affected me. Tomorrow it will be back to the real work and we will also be discussing how many more sessions I will be having and whether I am to be referred for long-term psychotherapy. I believe that this is quite likely, but the fact that I am being referred by one of the mental health trusts psychologists rather than by my GP will hopefully mean that I don't have to wait too long for the therapy to start.

Now I have to decide what I am going to do for the rest of the day. Do I have a go at writing the 1500-word story for my assignment? Or do I sit and do some knitting? Or should I sit down to write another post in the Tackling the Mental Health Minefield series. Making decisions is very difficult at the moment.

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