Friday, 27 November 2009


I'll say it again. WOW!

Yesterday I had 66 visitors to my blog. Now this may not seem a lot compared to some bloggers, but for me it was a huge number. The best that I have ever managed before in a 24-hour period was 47, and I thought that was good. Strangely enough I had had almost half of those visitors before I actually published yesterday's post.

I have four separate ways of determining visitors to this blog and the figures for yesterday ranged between 34 and 66. I am using the figure of 66 visitors because that particular counter does differentiate between visitors who are first-timers and those who have visited the site before. It also looks at IP addresses as a means of identifying visitors so notes when someone visits on more than one occasion during the day and only counts them once.

Anyway, this huge amount of traffic has made me feel quite chuffed, and after the comments that came in yesterday, it seems that the posts about my time tackling the mental health minefield should be helpful/informative/amusing/horrifying for plenty of people out there in the blogosphere.

So I shall now get back to what I should be doing at the moment, which is finishing the draft of the second post in the series, rather than patting myself on the back because I had a good day for visitors. Hopefully I should finish the draft this afternoon and I want to try to get the post published this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I'll stick my hand up as a new visitor - I'm a regular reader of Jobbing Doctor and followed the link from your recent comment to have a look at your blog - which was very interesting reading and I will be a regular visitor to yours as well. I don't often leave comments, but I'm out there ;)

Nikita said...

Hallo there!,

I have visited several times awaiting your post. I am interested to know as to whether anything has changed since I did my training. It would appear that from your first meeting with a RMN in casualty, that it has not. How can folk become a RMN if they don't care? I can only apologise for this. However, the second RMN seemed to be a decent sort of person. Love the doc!

Take care and look forward to your next post.

Kind regards,

Mags. xxx