Friday, 27 November 2009

OK, So I Lied

Sorry folks, but the next instalment of Tackling The Mental Health Minefield is taking longer to write than I thought and as I am rather tired and I am about to take my evening medication which means I shall probably be asleep within half an hour I am afraid that you will have to wait until tomorrow for it to appear. If things go according to plan, I may even post the third instalment too.

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Achelois said...

Having been in bed all day as started day on waking causing a disastorous (sp) dislocation I find myself awake all night which means I am grateful for blogs. Don't worry, there's no time limit on this so put your feet up and take it easy. On reading of your experiences it makes me want to change the world from my armchair. I wish I could. At the same time whilst performing miracles I would be able obviously to make your in patient time so so different. Your welcome would have been reassuring in a beautiful environment with rest, therapy & recouperation set in an environment condusive to relaxing the mind to improve emotional wellbeing from the moment you took the brave steps to help yourself. In all honesty I am grateful that you have taken time out before you write the next instalment. Not for me but for you as I worry a little that reliving the experience is stressful for you. Looking forward also to some chat about craft projects. Hoping that you are receiving ongoing support and am just pleased you are home. Take care.