Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Now Both Hands Can Be Kept Warm

Yes, this evening I have finished the second mitten, so I now have a pair. And before anybody comments about them not matching colourwise, it's impossible with the wool that I used. So instead of a pair of identical mittens, I have a pair of fraternal mittens.I am about to start work on another hat and matching mittens combination. This time they are going to be in autumn shades and will appear to be in a fair isle pattern although they are actually created by using two balls of the same yarn. I know that sounds silly, but wait and see how they turn out.


Lily said...

They are gorgeous and look soooo cosy.

Ordered myself some needles and wool today so I can get started on those socks I was planning to start ages go!

Laurie said...

I like those because they will match anything and everything! I love the length of them, they are very comfortable looking. Good luck with the matching mittens and hat!