Saturday, 26 September 2009

Customer Service Is Still Alive And Well

I went to the opticians just over a week ago and wrote about the experience here. I was really quite impressed with the friendliness of the staff and their professionalism. The difference between this branch of the national chain and the one I had been to previously was significant.

Because the lenses that I require are non-standard I was told that the glasses would be ready for me on 2nd October and that I could pick them up after 10am on that day, so you can imagine my surprise to receive a phone call from the opticians yesterday. Unfortunately, I was out when the call came but they left a message. Apparently my glasses had arrived, but it was found that the manufacturers had failed to apply the anti-glare coating that I had asked for so they had been sent back post haste with a request that this be dealt with speedily. There were profuse apologies for this and a promise that I would receive another phone call when they were ready for collection.

Businesses in this country get a lot of bad press for their customer service, so it is wonderful to find some people who believe that customer satisfaction is still important. I'm glad that I changed branches, and I would have no hesitation to recommending them to any one else.

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