Friday, 14 August 2009

Christmas Present Update

Scarf No 2 was started yesterday and is progressing nicely. It's about 7 inches long at the moment and will be in excess of 60 inches when completed. The scarf has a very simple 2-row pattern so it grows quite quickly (it is also rather boring at times) so it is great for working on when I am watching a DVD.This afternoon I decided to start Scarf No 3. This is a totally different kettle of fish because the pattern is so complex it requires watching at every move; however, this means that it is great to work on when listening to music. Since this photograph was taken I have completed another pattern repeat so it is now about 4 inches in length. This scarf is somewhat different to the others in that it is knitted in two halves and they are then grafted together when the halves are completed. This means that when it is blocked, points can be formed from the 'cockle shell' motifs at both ends of the scarf.

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Anonymous said...

wow, Scarf No 3 looks so beautiful! wish i could make something so delicate. if it can't be hammered/duct-tapped into place at the end of the day i tend not to fair so well ;)