Thursday, 16 July 2009

Not Exactly A Perfect Day

After a couple of nights where I haven't slept at all well, I sort of made up for it last night although it would probably be more true to say this morning because after an early morning (5am-ish) trip to the bathroom I went back to bed and fell into a deep sleep and then slept through until lunch time. Getting some sleep has meant that I have not got deeper into depression, but neither have I felt any better.

I have been having terrible problems with my knitting over the last week or so; it has meant that I seem to have spent more time unpicking it than actively knitting. However, this afternoon I corrected the last mistake that I found and I have managed to get beyond the point where I started finding mistakes and the end is in sight. Well, when I say the end, what I really mean is that I have almost finished the charts, but I still have to decide what I am going to create as an edging and then actually knit it. I was going to adapt something from my Heirloom Knitting book (written by Sharon Miller and an absolute must-have for lace knitters) but they are all too fine for this shawl which although a lace pattern is less intricate than most would expect for something under that name. So I think I will be creating some graph paper on the computer tomorrow and trying to design something that will be suitable for myself. It will be a first for me and may actually lead to me designing a complete shawl myself.

I have become a real ER junkie over the last few weeks having started to collect the complete set of DVDs of the 15 seasons of this incredible programme. This afternoon and this evening I have been watching a few episodes as I fought with my knitting. I always seem to want to watch just one more episode, but I forced myself to switch off and I am now thinking of getting myself ready for bed and reading until my eyes get too heavy to stay open any longer. A thunderstorm started about 15 minutes ago and it sounds as though it may be rumbling around for quite a bit longer so I may be reading for quite a while as I am unlikely to fall asleep with the thunder and the pouring rain that I can hear through the open bedroom window.

Reading means a great deal to me and while I often look for new authors to read, I regularly reread books that I love. At the moment I am working my way through all seven of the Harry Potter books and last night started reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This means that I am nearing the end of the series and it will probably be another year before I start to read them again. There is so much to enjoy in these books which although intended for children are so well-written that they are a joy for adults too.

So today has not been perfect, but neither has it been too bad. I suppose that is the best that I can hope for at the moment, and the fact that I can actually sit down and write a post for my blog shows that perhaps I am not doing too badly.


angus said...

Keep on fighting Madsadgirl:)

Anonymous said...

I am an ER junkie too, nearly completed my DVD collection and love nothing than curling up on the sofa watching a few episodes, I am especially a fan of the earlier series! At the moment I am going through a Peak Practice era having just bought series 5 this week on DVD!

I hope you are feeling a little better soon MSG, I think I can somehow relate to how you are feeling, as I am a little the same at the moment...