Saturday, 25 July 2009

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

I decided that I needed a bit of a break from the knitting. I have all but finished the shawl that I was knitting; I just need to graft together the start and end of the edging and sew in the tail from the start of the work and then it is finished. This photograph shows it as it was a few days ago when I was still working on the edging.

I have started work on a second shawl using the same pattern but in a different colour and it is progressing but I made a mistake in it yesterday and I need to unpick several rows to get back to where I made the mistake and I wasn't in the mood for unpicking today. Anyway, I had take a photograph of it the other day so that I could show There and Back what I was working on, so I might as well include it here so that you can see the new colourway.

So, as a change from my knitting from which I definitely needed a break, I have been doing some crochet today. I started crocheting a stole/scarf which is going to be a present for a friend a couple of weeks ago but I decided that it needed to be a bit wider than I had made it so this afternoon I unpicked most of what I had done so that I could get back to the point at which I could make it wider and then increased its width and then carried on adding to its length. I packed it away for the evening about an hour ago by which time I had reused all the wool that I had unpicked and had managed to get to the end of the first ball of wool. This seemed to be a really good place to stop for the day, but I will be back working on it tomorrow when I hope that I may manage to do sufficient work on it so that a second ball is completed. Here is a photograph of the work taken a few days ago before I decided to unpick most of it and rework it so that it was wider.


Anonymous said...

The shawls are beautiful, I've been wanting to see how they were coming on for a while... such talent! I wish someone would teach me to knit... !!! ;)

I'm jealous I have to resolve to buying my knit where in town where it tends to fall apart after a few washes! *sigh*

sally in norfolk said...

I have just got myself a book learn to crochet.. when i get round to having a go it would be great to do a shawl like your blue one at the bottom as its ssooo nice :-)