Friday, 26 June 2009

Difficulty Sleeping

As though I don't have enough problems trying to get a decent night's sleep, it now seems as though we are heading for a heatwave and that the temperatures are not going to drop significantly at night.

Today has been very hot and humid and we are still waiting for the thunderstorms which were forecast for London today. I live in hope that it rains later this evening or tonight, so that the air is a little fresher tomorrow. I know that it is nice to have some summer weather for a change, after all the last couple of summers have been pretty awful, but I have problems dealing with the humidity and I can do without it.

I've been very naughty as far as my knitting is concerned. I should be working on a couple of summer tops, but having started work on the shawl/blanket on Wednesday, I have been working on that and I have now completed something like 85 rows. There is still a long way to go though, and the rows are getting longer; there are almost 400 stitches to a row at the moment and the number will continue to rise as I carry on knitting. I've moved from working on double-pointed needles to a circular one and I have just had to change from the shortest circular needle (50 cm ) because of the number of stitches, so I am now using one that is 80 cm in length. This should be suitable for quite a while now as there is room for lots more stitches on it. I still have to find a pattern for the edging of it, but that can wait until I am ready to knit it because I need to see how much wool I will have to work it. If I have a lot, then it can be a deep edging that is very fancy, if there is not so much then a narrower edging will have to suffice.

I did actually manage to take a couple more photographs of the shawl as I was changing from the short circular needle to the intermediate one. It doesn't really show the shawl to best advantage but it does show how the pattern is progressing and how the colours in the wool are starting to build into small areas of each colour. This pattern will obviously change as the rows get longer but whatever happens this is going to be a very colourful object when it is finished.

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