Saturday, 30 May 2009

Feeling Better

I know that yesterday's post was one of the most negative that I have written for a long time, but I was really feeling bad from the moment I woke up. Tears started flowing from the moment that I opened my eyes and I just felt that I didn't want to be alive. During the course of the day my mood rose a little and by late afternoon I was functioning quite well although I could feel the start of a headache coming on.

By about 10pm the headache was turning into the worst migraine that I have suffered for years. I couldn't sleep because of the pain, and then I started feeling sick. There was no way that I could sleep because every time that I laid down I had this feeling of the room spinning around me and I felt more waves of nausea. I took medication every four hours and by about 5.30 this morning the pain and dizziness had subsided enough for me to lie down and go to sleep.

And that is what I have done today; I've slept. The pain has now gone and I am feeling human again. I'm wondering whether it was the migraine that caused me to feel so low yesterday morning, but it is only a passing thought because I am going to accept that it was just one of those days that happens now and again.

Anyway, thanks for the concern shown in the comments on the post; hopefully normally blogging has now returned. I have a few rows of knitting to do this evening to finish the afghan I am knitting, which means that there will be no problem in having it ready to deliver to its recipient next Friday.


Anonymous said...

Acceptance seems like a good plan to me. It rarely hurts, anyway.

Glad things picked up for you fairly quickly.

K8B said...

I'm really pleased that you're feeling better. As you suggest, it may have been a type of 'aura' before your migraine.

Everytime I go through a period like that and then feel better it reminds me that the pain (or that intensity of pain) is temporary.

Reading about your knitting has led me to picking up my cross stitch project again (long abandoned). So thank you!