Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Things Are Looking Brighter

I woke this morning (admittedly after only about four hours sleep) and the deep depression of yesterday had lifted substantially. Mr Smiley was right; writing yesterday's post, although difficult, did help me to deal with the emotions that the day had induced. And the kind thoughts from Alison (who has problems of her own at the moment) and cb were much appreciated.

I spent a little while not long after I woke this morning searching the web looking at places I might conceivably visit today as a means of taking my mind off things. So in a couple of hours time I am going to catch a bus up to the centre of London and go to visit a museum. I'm not absolutely certain where I shall be going yet but I do have one particular museum in mind which I have never visited before.

One of things that I will probably achieve is a state of tiredness, hopefully both physical and mental, and with luck this will enable me to sleep well tonight.


cb said...

Have a nice day - hopefully you'll have a chance to tell us about it tomorrow - I'm quite curious re: which museum now!

Anonymous said...

Have a good day Madsadgirl. Like cb, I look forward to your recollections when I catch up with your blog tomorrow and read whatever e-mail messages I might receive. I also hope, after plenty of exercise, that you manage to get the much needed euphoria that sleep tends to bring on the odd occasion. :-))