Monday, 23 February 2009

Sleeping For England And Other Stories

My depression is lifting and for the first time in a number of months I am feeling quite bright on a regular basis. Yes, I sometimes wake up and feel that I don't want to get out of bed, but it's laziness speaking rather than depression. And it is laziness, and a bit of lack of inspiration, that has meant that I have not been updating this blog as regularly as normal.

Saturday saw me sleeping for England. As with most people who suffer with depression I have problems sleeping. I usually don't have too much of a problem getting to sleep, but I have a tendency to wake after a couple of hours and find it impossible to get back to sleep. After about a week of this I am usually like a zombie. However, as my mood has been improving over the last couple of weeks, so has my sleep pattern. I still tend to wake after a couple of hours, but I am finding it easier to get back to sleep. Saturday was a bit different. I went to bed relatively early on Friday night and fell asleep almost immediately, I woke up for a call of nature, got back into bed and fell asleep, carried on sleeping until a reasonable hour, wrote an email, read a few blogs, went back to sleep, woke up, turned over in bed and went back to sleep again.

I probably slept for about 30 hours during a 36 hour period, but my body obviously needed it and I slept well Saturday night and again last night. So if the talent scouts are looking for prospective members for the Team GB Olympic Squad for Egyptian PT then can I put my name forward?

I have been taking a rest from knitting complicated lace patterns over the last few days and have managed to knit a scarf (yes, I know that winter seems to be over but it will be there for next year), and knit the back of a jumper and start the front of it. I find that taking a break from knitting complex patterns for a few days can revitalise my zeal for knitting. And it was so nice to read in the week that research has shown that knitting can help to delay memory loss. As someone who has been a knitter for all her life this is indeed good news, all I have to do now is remember where I put my knitting.

Today, I am going to write the last part of my lecture and finish the PowerPoint slides. I should really have done it over the weekend, but with sleeping for England on Saturday, and deciding to have a relaxing day yesterday with my knitting, it didn't get done. But I am feeling quite enthusiastic about it today and I am hoping that it won't take me too long to finish drafting it. Thursday is the big day when I give this lecture and while I am a little bit anxious about doing it, I am rather looking forward to the occasion too.

And I have decided to try to get back to posting everyday. I miss writing about the things that I am doing, how I am feeling, and the crazy things that I see about me. I can't promise that there will be something everyday, but I intend to do my best. And there will be more photos of the things that I am knitting so that you can see how I am getting on.

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cb said...

I have to say, I had a bit of a sleep-marathon last week (although you'd still beat me!) and it was incredible how much better I felt afterwards. I honestly think that a few days/weeks of stress managed to settle themselves after excessive sleep.
The lecture sounds really interesting. I hope it's going well!