Thursday, 15 January 2009

I Hate Having A Cold

I have a real humdinger of a cold at the moment.  My throat feels as though it has two golf balls stuck down it, my nose is sore and so blocked that I am now having problems breathing, my ears feel full of cotton wool, and my sinuses are causing me so much pain that I could cry.  And on top of all that I keep going hot and cold.

I have been a bit unfortunate over the last few months and seem to have one cold after another, but without any doubt this is the worst one yet.  I seem to need to cough every few minutes, but there isn't anything to cough over.  The result is that I feel as though I am trying to squeeze my lungs up through the tiny space left between the golf balls in my throat.

Somewhat unsurprisingly I am feeling pretty low and rather sorry for myself. 


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read you are not feeling well... I can relate I am just getting over being hit with three sickness things last week... I am slowly returning to normal!

Take yourself off to bed, hot water bottle and plenty of warm drinks, I find hot ribena really soothing.


The Dotterel said...

Sounds nasty. There've been some uber-colds doing the rounds this winter; sounds like you've hit the jackpot!

PS: If it makes you feel better - loving the blog and have 'linked' to you on my Writing Therapy site! Get well soon!

cb said...

Colds are horrible - I usually suffer quite badly in the winter but haven't yet so far although just by saying that, I am far more likely to come down with something. Anyway, hope things pick up soon