Monday, 15 December 2008

The Week Before Christmas

Well, I have finished making my Christmas cards and I must finish writing them today so that I can post them tomorrow.  I have just finished ordering my big shop online and that will be delivered on Friday.  I still haven't decided what I am going to have for my Christmas dinner; I shall go to one of the local supermarkets next week and see what I can find.  One thing is sure; it is unlikely to be turkey.  Not that I don't like turkey, but it really isn't worth it for one person.  I may get myself a gammon joint and roast that with an absolutely glorious glaze for the final stages.  There won't be any Christmas pudding or Christmas cake either as I don't like dried fruit.  While writing this I have just remembered something else that I needed to add to my order so I have now done that.

Today I must finish making two Christmas presents.  One will only take a few minutes to finish and then I can wrap it up.  The other is going to be a real morning's work and I hope that it looks good when it is finished.  Then when that is done I shall have to get down to the essay writing.  Three essays are required, a number of other short answer questions to be dealt with, a review of a completed TMA and a rewrite of portions of one of the essays in that in view of comments made on it by my tutor, and the thing that I am least looking forward to, a number of maths-based questions.  I have to admit that I have managed to work out what numbers I need to be using for these answers, it's just a case of the working out that will cause the problem.  I think that I know which number is divided by which and what needs to be multiplied and when.  One thing is absolutely certain, I will never be taking a degree in mathematics.

This evening I will be getting back to my knitting.  The Shetland hap shawl is progressing; I have now managed to complete the edging around one and a half sides, so hopefully the second side will be finished tonight.  Sometimes it is more difficult to do something with just a few stitches to the row than things with lots of stitches.  This shawl is complicated by the fact that the shawl has been knitted in the round so having to keep turning the knitting as I complete each row means that I am constantly getting myself tied up in knots with the knitting and the wool.  However, I am sure that the end result will be worth it.

I suppose that I should get my nose to the grindstone otherwise nothing will get done.


Sage said...

Can you just enlighten me as to what is a shetland hap shawl?

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

I've done the Christmas shop today and I only need to hit M&S next week for some items for my own house. I intend to get there when they open!

I have my second tutorial tonight but I've really not caught up with myself for the reading I needed to do... It's just been one thing after another but I decided I am going to be honest with the tutor when we talk later and it's my intention to catch up over the Christmas holidays as at least I won't be going back and forth to the hospital daily.

madsadgirl said...

Sage - I have now written a post about Shetland hap shawls. I hope that it answers your questions.