Sunday, 14 December 2008

There And Back To See How Far It Is

I know that quite a few people are readers of the blog There And Back To See How Far It Is.  This was one of the first blogs that I added to my blogroll and also one of the first which I submitted a comment to.  There and Back and I became email correspondents and we write to each other almost every day.  We have even met and spent an enjoyable couple of hours in each other's company drinking hot chocolate and chatting away.

There and Back has decided to take a break from blogging for a while, but so that none of her readers got too concerned about her well-being, I asked her if I could write a short post here so that you would all know that she is well.  Her last post was about a TMA that she was doing for one of her OU courses.  This was the first course that she had done at Level 3 and she was a bit worried about what would be expected of her at this level.  She didn't need to worry too much though because she got a very creditable 82% for her first TMA of this course, and has since managed to get 83% for her second TMA.

She is still producing the monthly newsletter 'Treetops' that she started working on when she was in hospital.  It is published on the first of each month and seems to be going from strength to strength.  There and Back has also gone to the placement that she talked about in her blog and seems to be taking on new things almost every week.

This is just a short update on a blogging friend so that you all know that she is still alive and taking on new challenges in her life. 


cb said...

Thanks for the update. There and Back was one of the first blogs I came across too and I was hoping all was well!

Anonymous said...

I kept checking the blog and was about to comment today to see how things where. Glad she's doing okay and keeping busy... thanks for letting us know!