Thursday, 20 November 2008

The World Is A Little Clearer

I can report this evening that the world is no longer blurred; well not very much.  Although my eyes are still oozing all the time I am not suffering with having to look at everything through a thick haze.  I'm even able to do my knitting which is great as I have missed being able to do some whenever I sit down for half an hour or so.

I have been very low this week and having conjunctivitis which has curtailed some of my activities quite a lot has not helped any. Tomorrow, being Friday, is psychotherapy day.  Let's hope that it is not cancelled at the last minute again.  I really need to talk to my psychotherapist about some of the things that I have been doing over the last few weeks and how I have been feeling too.

Hopefully I shall be able to get back to my studying too.  I haven't been able to read for the last few days because of the blurred vision, so I have some catching up to do with my studying.  I might even have a go at answering a couple of questions on my biology TMA.  There are five questions, some with sub-questions, so there is a lot of work to do.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Keep you spirits up. Your blog has been very insightful.


Lily said...

Glad to hear that your conjuctivitis is beginning to be on the mend. I've got my fingers crossed for your psychotherapy session tomorrow... I really hope it goes ahead.

steph said...


Fingers crossed your psychotherapy is not cancelled tomorrow. If by chance it is, instead of letting it get you down, try making the cancellation work to your advantage by doing some other activity you'd enjoy. We all need 'excuses' from time to time to help us break from routine.

Hope the eyes continue to improve.