Monday, 24 November 2008

Watching The Puppies

Sometimes when I am having a very low period it can be exceedingly difficult to find anything to raise my spirits a little. Just one thing that can make me laugh or bring a smile to my face can make an enormous difference.  Often I resort to watching favourite films or television programmes on DVDs, but when the down periods are of long duration I can run out of things to watch. The last couple of weeks have been difficult, but I have found something that has helped a little at odd times during the day. 

On my blog I have a gadget for The Daily Puppy, a website that has photographs of puppies sent in by their owners.  Most of us are suckers for a photograph of a cute puppy, but I have to admit that there are some breeds that I find hideous, so I tend not to bother looking at those.  Over the last couple of weeks the website has also shown the Live Shiba Ibu Puppy Cam.  The owners of a Shiba Inu which has had six puppies have put a webcam in with the puppies and it is possible to see live footage of them for about 16 hours a day.  Unfortunately, because of the time difference between the UK and San Francisco, the city which is home to these puppies, the webcam is off air during much of our day, but during the evening and the early morning, it can be real fun watching these six little tearaways playing with each other and with their horde of soft toys.

Each of the puppies wears a collar of a different colour; this means that it is possible to identify each of the puppies and see how their individual characters' are developing.  The puppy with the yellow collar seems to be much more lively than its siblings, often wandering around their enclosure when the others are sleeping. This morning 'yellow' seems to be playing at rounding up the other puppies, and is quite happy to give them a nip on the ears or the rump if they don't go where they are directed.  There is certainly a lot more rough and tumble this morning, and as there is also sound available, a lot of yelps today.  But it will soon be time for the webcam to be switched off and the puppies to get some sleep. That means there will be a period of 8-10 hours with nothing to watch, but this evening they will be back.

If you want to see the puppies you can do so by clicking on the puppy picture on my blog.  You will find the webcam located on the right of the page a few items down.  I am sure that they will bring a smile to your face too, but remember they are best watched during our evening hours or the early hours of the morning; by about 8am they are lying down to get a good night's sleep.

The only sadness is that it will not be so very long before these puppies go off to their new homes, and they are all spoken for, and there won't be anything to watch and raise a smile.  What is it about puppies that brings the softy out in all of us? 

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Lily said...

Kittens too... They always make me go all gooey inside!