Monday, 17 November 2008

It's One Of Those Days

Some days are perhaps best described as ordinary.  But some days aren't, and today is one of those days.  What is the difference?  On days like today I wonder how I am going to manage to exist through the day and get to tomorrow.

I woke early this morning, about 4.30am and couldn't get back to sleep.  I lay in bed wondering whether to get up or just lie there doing nothing.  I chose to lay.  In the end I switched on my laptop and had a look to see if any of the blogs that I follow had been updated.  Some had, so I read them and wrote comments where I felt I had something to say.  Then I checked my emails.  Three new ones to look at.  Two were nothing much, but the third was from a blogger with whom I have regular contact outside of our blogs.  I hadn't heard from her for a few days and I had guessed that she had probably been having a difficult time, and I was right.

Then I had a look at a couple of websites that I regularly visit.  One of these was the BBC website; I had meant to watch the programme about Prince Charles at 60, but had missed it when broadcast so I decided to look at on BBC iPlayer.  By the time I had watched the programme it was time to think about getting myself some breakfast and to take my morning medication.  As a treat I cooked myself some bacon for a bacon sandwich, and then took my tablets.  But I still did not feel as though I had any energy to face the day.  In the end, I went back to bed and soon fell asleep, and it was from this sleep that I awoke not so long ago.

Though now awake and writing this post, I have no idea what I shall do for the rest of the day.  I have no energy, no enthusiasm for the rest of the day ahead.  I know that I should be doing some studying, but there is not a lot of point if I am unable to concentrate and know that I won't really understand anything that I read.  On such days my note-taking is erratic to say the least, and it will be necessary for me to reread all the material again in order to ensure that I fully understand it.

So what will I do for the rest of the day?  Anything that I can that does not require too much concentration.  If I need to sleep then I will.  If all I can do is to watch television or DVDs. then that is exactly what I will do.  I shall write today off as one of those days when things go less than perfectly.  One of those days that I have now and then, which can only be considered successful if I can get to the end of them without falling deeper into depression.  

Today is far from perfect, but tomorrow may be a lot better, and that is the thought that I will cling to as I try to survive the rest of the hours that make up today.

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Lily said...

I'm not going to patronise you with a bad attempt at advice for getting over a bad day, but I hope you feel better tomorrow :)