Monday, 13 October 2008

I've Just Done Something Truly Mad

Sometimes I can surprise even myself with the mad things that I do.  And today, I think I may have exceeded even my ability to do something mad that I may live to regret it.

I am two modules short of my second degree; I'm doing one of those at the moment, and I have to admit while I am enjoying it, it really isn't taxing me a great deal.  I think this is because it is interesting, but at a much lower level than the modules that I have been studying over the last few years.

So what is it that I have done?  No, I haven't signed up for the last module for the degree.  I've done something even more stupid that that.  I've signed up for a course that will get me on the path to a third degree.  Yes, I know that it is mad, but one of the things that has happened to me over the last five years or so is that I have become addicted to studying. It has to be a lot better for me than becoming an alcoholic, I am trying hard to shake my tobacco addiction, and at no time in my life have I ever felt the need to try hard drugs.

If I'm going to get addicted to anything, I am sure that being addicted to education is safer than most things.  And what will the new degree be in?  Psychology.  Yes, there is a certain irony in it.


cb said...

I think that sounds really exciting! I actually have a bit of a study-addiction myself. There is something exhilirating about it that is really hard to explain to other people.. so well done and good luck :)

Caroline said...

I'm with you girl, so many people of my age (late forties) have stopped adding to their map of the world. They are not adding to their knowledge and consequently they are, in my experience, bigoted judgmental and stagnant. Keeping your brain moving is very healthy - Psychology is absolutely fascinating, I know you will enjoy it and that, in the end, is what matters - good luck x

There and Back said...

Ooooh which course?!

madsadgirl said...


SK277 Human Biology

cellar_door said...

Education is an excellent addiction I think :0) I really like human biology - cells and neurons and things anyway. Part of the reason I sometimes wish I was doing adult nursing instead of mental health! Good luck with it anyway x

There and Back said...

I did that in it's first presentation! It's a great course! PM me if you want any info!