Monday, 6 October 2008

It Might Be Dark But I Think There Is Light On The Horizon

After a couple of days where it was as much as I could do to drag myself out of bed, today I managed to walk to the library to take my books back, and then go and do a bit of shopping so that I would have something to eat for the next couple of days.

This afternoon I have managed to sit and add a few inches to the length of the back of the jumper that I am knitting.  Usually I can just sit and knit and not worry about it growing to the right length for me to carry out the armhole shaping, but this jumper is knitted without such shaping so it seems a long way from the cast on edge to the shoulders.  However, I am now more than two-thirds of the way up the back, so I finally feel as though I am getting somewhere.  And because I can see the end in sight for this part of the jumper, suddenly there is another thing that is making me feel a bit better.

It will be several more weeks before the jumper is finished, but it should be finished before it turns really cold, which will be perfect.  It is a nice thick jumper which will keep the cold out, especially when I go out for walks on crisp, dry days.  There are a couple of parks not to far from home, and going for a walk round them will give me a different view on my walks. 

Even thinking about going for such walks is an indicator that my mood is improving.  I know that it isn't likely that I will be going for such a walk tomorrow as the weather forecast is against that, but even considering doing such a thing hasn't been possible for a couple of weeks.  On top of that, I am even almost certain that I will be going to the first tutorial for my OU course on Thursday.  That is something that I haven't done for a very long time; for years, in fact.  I'm a long way from being well, but even considering going somewhere where I won't know anybody is an achievement in itself.

So perhaps doing things like this means that there is light on the horizon.


There and Back said...

It's great your feeling so positive about going to your tutorial on Thursday. I'm hoping to get to mine on Saturday.

steph said...


I'm so full of admiration for you, for your positivity in the midst of all your daily struggles.

I can understand that your first tutorial (in a long time) must seem a bit like a huge mountain to climb but I also think that you may be surprised at how much you actually enjoy yourself when you meet with others to share a common interest. Focus on the bit you're most looking forward to and the rest will follow. I'll be thinking of you.

btw Your jumper sounds gorgeous. Maybe a pic on the blog when it's finished?