Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Do I Have Writer's Block?

I think that I have been doing quite well since I started writing this blog.  While I haven't written something every day, I have managed a post rate that averages out to be more than one a day. Some days the posts are short, pithy little morsels; some days they are long, and more considered pieces.  It's always difficult to judge your own writing, but the fact that I have received comments from readers saying how much they have enjoyed a post or how it has made them think about the subject covered indicates that I must have reached some people.  Just occasionally I have felt the need to write to say how desperate I am feeling at that moment. Such an occasion arose on Friday, when my mood became so low that I wrote the post almost as a cry for help.  And the blogging community is such that I received encouragement and a feeling of not being alone because of the comments that people added to that post.  Let me say here and now, I really appreciated your comments and they certainly helped at what was, for me, a very dark moment in my life.

I have gradually been coming out of that very dark corner over the last couple of days, and I knew that I was getting better, when I managed to put a quite amusing comment in an email to a friend.  It wasn't a laugh out loud amusing comment, more a case of a clever play on words type of amusing.  He enjoyed it anyway, because he commented on it in his reply; in fact he thought it poetic.

But one thing has been difficult over the last few days; finding something to write a post about. Normally I don't have to think about what to write; it just seems to spring into my mind, and the post almost seems to write itself.  Sometimes it's something that I have seen that provides the inspiration, sometimes it's something that I have read or heard.  And sometimes it is something that I feel passionately about, like trying to fight the stigma and discrimination that exists around mental illness.

Even when I have not been feeling too good, I have managed to write on an almost daily basis, because there has been something to say, but I have found it very hard since Friday to find something to blog about.  Have I got writer's block?  Is it possible that my creativity has deserted me?  No, I don't think so.  It's just a case of nothing much happening, so that it seems as though my inspiration has deserted me, when actually it is still there waiting for the right moment to leap into action again.  

After all, I've managed to write this, haven't I?

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Caroline said...

And it's pretty damn articulate for a gal with no inspiration. You describe exactly how I feel, on good days it writes itself, all neatly packaged and with a beginning, middle and end just like they told us to do in junior school - on a bad day it is like wading through treacle and I can't imagine anyone will want to read it. We are our own harshest critics - I love your writing and you have made me feel better just knowing somebody else feels like I do.