Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Very Angry

I am not a happy Teddy Bear . I stayed in all day yesterday awaiting the delivery of a package from the OU. DHL are supposed to have attempted to deliver it last week; apparently they left a card signifying the fact, but I can't find it. On Monday I rang DHL, they found the package and told me it would be delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday was yesterday. When the package still had not arrived at 2pm, I rang DHL and was informed that it would definitely be delivered today (that is Tuesday, which is now yesterday).

I don't lead the most exciting of lives, and generally I can keep my temper under control, but I am very angry that I wasted a day at home waiting for a delivery that never happened. On the DHL website, the working hours of the DHL centre that is responsible for delivering this package are listed as being 0800-1930 Monday to Friday (there are weekend hours too but they are not relevant here). You can imagine how my anger increased when I rang them last night at 1820 to be told that the centre was closed and that I should ring again during working hours.

I have tried to track the package this morning, but DHL's computer is down. I will persevere, I will keep trying to track the package, and I can assure you that DHL will be required to explain why the package was not delivered yesterday, although I had been assured by two separate employees that it would be with me on Tuesday. When you ring them you get the usual automated message that the call may be recorded for training purposes, if my calls have been recorded, I hope that they can find those recordings and explain to me why their assurances about delivery mean nothing.

DHL is a German company; so much for German efficiency.

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