Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sat On Tenterhooks

I'm sitting here waiting for a delivery. Okay, so that might not sound very exciting, but it is the first of the course materials for my next OU module. It's always a case of waiting with baited breath when you know that the materials are on their way, especially the first mailing, because you get to see what the course is going to involve; what resources you have in the way of books, audio-visual material, and most important of all, the book that has the tutor-marked assignments in it.

The parcel should have been delivered last week, but I was out on both the days that DHL attempted to deliver it. A phone call to them yesterday managed to get things moving again and I was told it would be delivered today. I ought to be working on my essay for the end of course assignment for the course that I am getting close to finishing, but I can't bring myself to start writing and getting involved in it when at any minute the delivery may arrive, causing me to lose track of what I am writing, and to get excited about the new books.

So I shall wait for the parcel to arrive, open it, have a good look at everything contained in the package, and then I shall force myself to sit down and get the essay written. I need to get it done today if possible, because I want to be able to tell my tutor that the ECA is almost finished when I speak to her tonight.

I'm acting like a kid on their birthday, rather than a 50-something who really should know better.

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alhi said...

I would be the same about the course materials! I find it absolutely amazing that you can find the motivation to work at OU courses. At my worst, and even now, I could scarcely muster the interest to get up in the morning never mind sit and work at something.