Monday, 1 September 2008

Taking It Easy

As it's my birthday and I find myself another year older and closer to my bus pass, I thought I would have an easy day today. So I had a lie in, then I had a leisurely breakfast. I've been catching up on some emails, and I have been reading a few blogs right from their beginnings. It's been quite interesting to see how bloggers have developed their style over the years.

I haven't had any lunch yet because my breakfast of fruit and cheese is still keeping me going. My aunt (who is also my god-mother) who lives far away and the other side of the equator has rung me to wish me a happy birthday, and to tell me that it is freezing cold where she lives. It probably isn't, but having lived in a hot climate for more than 50 years, what we would consider to be a comfortably warm day is described as freezing by her. But bless her, she is 84 years old and has just recovered from a fractured pelvis.

As to the rest of the day; how am I going to spend that? Well, I shall probably do some proofreading for Project Gutenberg this afternoon if I can find something that is English as I don't feel up to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish or Gaelic at the moment. Then this evening I shall possibly partake in a glass of wine. After all it is my birthday; why shouldn't I live dangerously?

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