Monday, 8 September 2008

Taking A Break

I did eventually manage to get down to some studying this morning. It was a bit of a struggle but at least I have made a start. But now I am hungry, so I will have to make myself some lunch; some pasta with vegetables sounds like a good choice. Then I shall have a couple of hours to myself before I get back to work on the assignment.

But before I started preparing my lunch, which is only going to take me about 10 minutes to cook, I thought that I would see who has been updating their blogs, so that I would know what I had to look forward to after eating. I looked, then I refreshed the page, then I refreshed it again. It's a very quite day out there with the only people on my blogroll to have written posts this morning, being the Jobbing Doctor and me.

And I'm getting a bit worried about some on my blogroll because it has been some time since they have posted. Have they given up? Are they now so busy that they can no longer find the time to tell us about their lives? Or perhaps they are ill? If that is the case, get well soon. I miss you.

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