Monday, 29 September 2008


Yes, I can report success on two fronts today.  I managed to get the first appointment of the day with my GP and got the prescription for the tablets that were missed off Friday's prescriptions and then I went to the pharmacy and got the little blue pills.

Then I went off to the library, and spent the day there working on the first TMA for my current OU course.  I managed to draft the first essay and compile the notes for the second one.  That made me feel good.  And then I had a brainwave.  Why not look to see if the library had any books about Cezanne and Matisse, the two artists whose works I was going to have to compare for the second essay.  I found a book about each of the artists, and on scanning through the book on Matisse I found that his painting that I have to look at was painted in tribute to Paul Cezanne, so there is a nice reference for me to include in my essay showing that I have read around the subject.  I decided to take the Cezanne book out on loan because although it does not include the painting that I have to write about, it does include many other examples of his still life paintings and it will enable me to make comment about his repeated use of certain objects.

I had planned to take myself out for a meal at the local Italian restaurant in celebration of my successful day, but I am too tired after having three bad nights, so I have got myself ready for bed, I've taken my night-time tablets, including one of the little blue ones, and I am going to have an early night.  I'm hoping that the successful day will lead to a successful night.  After all, I might enjoy having a meal out more on a day that hasn't gone quite so well.


Seratonin said...

Are you by any chance doing AA100 ? Cos my friend accross road is !!!

madsadgirl said...

Yes, I am.

There and Back said...

How do you find working in the library? I've often considered doing that but worry I'll get distracted 'people watching' which is what I do everywhere! Trouble is, at home, I get distracted by the internet, the TV, the phone, everything!

Seratonin said...

Lol There & Back !! You sound like me !!

madsadgirl said...

Yes, I do a bit of people watching too, and it's only a small library so the temptation can be quite strong. However, because you don't have the type of things that you mention you can switch off and get quite involved. Some libraries do have quiet areas for people to study, and even though mine is a small library there is normally at least one other person studying when I am there.

Have you moved? Are you settled in already?

gadget girl said...

Hi my mate seratonin told me we are doing the same course!
Ive not started yet as only got books today, so wondered why you were talking about matisse!( read tma1 now!!)
Have you posted on the intoductory forums?
I started the thread " no course materials yet" (amongst others) if you wanna track me down.
Good luck with it all

There and Back said...

I have moved yes - thanks for the email - will be in touch soon, it hasn't quite gone to plan.