Monday, 29 September 2008

The Roadworks Have Moved

Having been writing, on and off, about the roadworks outside the library for almost as long as I have been writing this blog, I can now report that they have moved from outside the library and the next door primary school. However, they haven't moved far, just a hundred yards or so up the road, so they now run the whole length of the road outside the local girl's secondary school; and the school has a substantial frontage so it's quite a long stretch.

The move, however, has meant that we no longer have to put up with the sound of drills and other mechanical equipment while sitting in the library. Life here has returned to previous quietish levels, and the almost silence is only broken by the tapping of keys on the computer keyboards, the quiet mutterings of staff and visitors, and at break times and lunch times from the children playing in the school playground.



Lemon said...

Hooray! Finally! That's how many months they've been there, now, I wonder. That's council efficiency for you... lol

madsadgirl said...

Unfortunately it wasn't the council doing the work. It's some subcontractors working for Thames Water.