Saturday, 20 September 2008


The end of course assessment for my current OU course is finished. It's written, typed, spellchecked, printed, has requisite paperwork attached, folded, inserted in appropriate envelope, address label affixed to envelope and I have been to the Post Office to post it and to get a Proof of Posting Certificate. It is now in the hands of the Royal Mail and whoever draws the short straw and has to mark my submission, and all I have to do is wait until just before Christmas when the results are due.

In a comment to my post the other day, Steph from the Biopsy Report suggested that when I had finished the assignment I should give myself a treat. Actually what she said was this:

Plan a little celebration for yourself when it's completed and make sure it's a real treat.

Having a celebration on your own is not much fun, but I have still made an effort. I've bought some wool to knit myself a few jumpers ready for the winter, and I have had my hair cut into a new style. I may even really put the boat out later and open a bottle of wine.

But first I am going to put away all the material from my now finished course and get all the books and other material for my new course together into the nice little bag that the OU sent me for my previous course, so that they are all in one place and I'm not searching for the various bits and pieces once I get into the course. And the next course starts now.

I'm quite a happy Teddy Grad .


Nails UK said...

I hope you enjoy your well deserved treats! I did some OU study last year (a short course) and now have a great deal of respect for students who obtain a degree through the OU - the level of motivation needed staggers me. Well done!

alhi said...

Yeah! Well done!
I managed to get my book review done dusted and submitted. I'm not convinced it was any good (actually I'm convinced it was rubbish!). Anyway will hopefully update the blog this weekend.

steph said...

Cheers! MSG

Well Done on getting the assignment completed and dispatched AND on your choice of treats!

How's about planning some more reasons for a few treats? I'm an expert at finding reasons! Makes life much more fun :D