Monday, 15 September 2008

All Is Not Quiet In The Library

I decided that the best chance that I had of getting my end of course assignment written today was if I took a walk along to the local library. If I'm sat in there I am less likely to get distracted as I would do if I was at home, and hopefully three or four hours in the library would see the essay written and the reflective question reflected on. But I'm afraid I didn't make allowances for the workmen sorting out the Victorian water mains around here.

I've talked about this work before, and noted how late in the summer holiday the work outside the local primary school was started. Not having been around this part of London at this time of day for a couple of weeks I wasn't actually aware exactly how far the work had progressed, but I did think that they were way past the school and the library, but I am afraid I couldn't have been more wrong if I tried. At this present moment they are drilling in the road right outside these buildings. So much for my bit of quiet to work in; so much for the children being able to learn in a quiet environment.

As I've said before, I know that this work has to be done, but it is the length of time that it is taking that concerns me. I was also somewhat perturbed when on Friday I saw a sign not too far from my home saying that work on behalf of British Gas would be starting today on a stretch of road that about two months ago was being dug up for the water mains. Is it totally beyond the realms of these people to do a little liaison so that the work can be carried out at the same time? We are now likely to be subject to severe traffic jams on this stretch of road again, and I have no doubt that the newly laid tarmac will be criss-crossed with more holes, bumps, and other road defects likely to cause damage to traffic and injury to pedestrians.

While I am a city girl at heart, sometimes I wonder why I moved back to London from the country.

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steph said...

Keep pluggin' away at that assignment, MSG

The satisfaction you'll get when it's ready for submission, will far outweigh the frustration you're experiencing now.

Plan a little celebration for yourself for when it's completed and make sure it's a real treat.

I really admire you for the way you're able see the positives in the NHS despite what you're going through with depression. So-called 'normal' people would do well to take a leaf out of your book.

Remember you're not alone no matter how lonely you might feel at times. Take care.