Friday, 12 September 2008

The Bad Old Feelings Have Returned

Don't ask me what has happened, because I have no idea. For some reason I have started to feel more and more depressed over the last couple of days, just at a time when I thought that things were starting to look up, and after a very bad night, where I kept waking up every hour or so, I am terribly anxious about my psychotherapy session this morning.

If I am lucky I may improve over the day, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. The roller-coaster ride that is depression is very frightening and is hard to explain to those that have never suffered it.

I don't ride roller-coasters at the fair.


Anonymous said...

Your words are echoes in my mind


Silvawingz said...

It probably won't help but I know how you feel.......Psychotherapy scares me silly so I won't do it so you aremuch braver than me. Keep writing how you feel - It helps me so maybe it will help you.

Take Care

Oh have added you to my blogroll.......

alhi said...

You haven't blogged since, I hope you're doing OK.

madsadgirl said...


Thanks for your concern, i was just putting the finishing touches to a post when your comment arrived. I'm not feeling any better, but neither am I any worse, so life goes on.

Pink Floyd said...

I hope your current depression and returning bad feelings improve soon. I can totally relate and it is not a good feeling. As a matter of fact, I was writing just last night how I feel the darkness coming back. Everyday is a fight.