Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Olympics Will Be The Death Of Me

I've said before that I love the Olympics, but this year I seem to be watching more sports than I ever have before. It is, in part, because Team GB are doing so well having already won one gold medal this morning at the sailing, and they are assured at least one gold and two silver, although it could be two golds, and one silver, in the velodrome. I got addicted to cycling when the British team dominated at the World Championships in Manchester earlier this year, and it seems that a number of British VIPs have also arrived in the velodrome to see how the team are doing and to cheer them on. It is hardly surprising that HRH the Princess Royal is there because she is a member of the IOC and is a keen supporter of British sport, but I have also seen Tony Blair, and David Hemery, our 400m hurdles gold medallist from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

As I write this post, the Men's Madison, the most incomprehensible of all the cycling events for outsiders, is taking place. The race is very long, and involves two team members from each of the participating countries racing a sort of relay race, while also racing sprints after a set number of laps, and at the same time trying to make up laps on the other competitors. I told you it was complicated, and for me it is impossible to follow.

So why is the Olympics going to be the death of me? Well I seem to find myself being constantly drawn to the television to see how we are doing, and I really am supposed to be completing my OU assignment. But there are only a few more days of competition, and then things will return to normal and I can get things done in a more timely manner. It's just as well the Olympics are once every four years!

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Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to the Olympic too, although this happens pretty much every games, right from day one till the end.

I'd happily stay up all night watching it if it wasn't for having to go to work the next morning.