Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I Might Be Connected Again

I may have my Internet connection at home again! It's a bit of a shame really because I have quite enjoyed the exercise that I get walking to the library to use one of their computers, but I must admit that it will be nice to read my emails as they arrive, and be able to write my blog whenever I think of something rather than when I can get access to a computer. So when I have finished writing this I shall go home, play around with my network to make sure that everything is connected properly and then fire up my laptop and hopefully surf to my heart's content.

Yesterday I needed to go to see my GP because I haven't been feeling particularly well for a couple of weeks now, and I have completely gone off food. It's not been my usual case of not knowing what I fancied; this was more that I just didn't want to eat, no hunger pangs, nothing. My previous GP retired last week, so I had to see one of the other partners in the practice. I had been a bit concerned about this because with my long history of depression, when things start to go wrong, they can be disastrous, and having to see a doctor who does not know my history can be difficult.

But I have been lucky. I had to see a doctor a couple of months ago when my GP was away at a conference, and the one I saw was sympathetic and kind. When I spoke to my GP about him and said that he was the one that I wanted to take over my care, my GP said he thought I had made a good choice, and that he would fully brief him about my difficulties. And he has. New GP made me feel safe and thanked me for choosing him to take care of myself. We chatted, he decided that a change in my medication may be necessary as he felt that my anxiety levels were much higher than they should be, and we talked about how this change may be effected.

So after my meeting with new GP, I'm feeling relieved that it's not all in my mind, he's told me not to worry too much over my eating problems, after all they have had the added benefit of allowing me to lose weight without really trying, something that I couldn't do earlier this year when I was trying really hard, and I have found a new GP who is kind, caring, and fortunately young enough not to be retiring for a few years yet.


Jobbing Doctor said...

So, really you now have two connections - one electronic, but more importantly - one with your doctor. Not a doctor, but your doctor.

That matters.

Lemon said...

yey for getting the connection back!

And congratulations on getting a nice new GP - a good one makes everything so much nicer.

Lindsay said...

That's really great to hear, I hope that you manage to start eating properly again soon.

steph said...

I hope you got connected ok?

I'm wondering if your lack of hunger could be a side-effect of one of your drugs? It's good to hear you've got a new and understanding GP as he may be exactly what's needed at the moment - a fresh look at your overall drug regime might work wonders.

Take care.

madsadgirl said...

Thanks for your comments. I have been really lucky with my GPs; three in 15 years, and all of them great. I know that being open with them is part of what makes a good doctor/patient relationship.