Tuesday, 22 July 2008

It's Been A Quiet Day On My Blog

It's been very quiet out there today; the numbers of readers for my blog is down. Have I not kept people's attention? Was it all a flash in the pan? I haven't had a comment for a couple of days. I hope that it is just a blip because I am quite enjoying writing this and it is certainly proving to be very good therapy although it is impinging on my studies a little.

There was a farewell tea party for my GP at the surgery this evening and although I have only been with him for a year he has been very good to me and I felt that I ought to go to say goodbye. Quite a lot of his patients were there, and because my GP has been at the practice for 25 years some of the people who are now very elderly, were probably younger than I am now when my GP started the practice. Actually, it's not really goodbye from me, because after our discussions at my appointment with him yesterday, he has roped me as a lay person for some of the things that he is involved in and that he will carry on doing even though he will no longer be seeing patients. I'm not very good at occasions like this usually, so my attendance was in part rehabilitation for me getting out into the big wide world. Luckily there were a couple of other members of the Patients' Panel there, so I didn't lack people to chat with, and I did my good deed for the day by helping to hand out the teas and coffees to the others that were there. Well I was one of the youngest people there, and it did mean that I didn't have to stand in the corner not knowing what to do.

Anyway GP has had a brief look at my blog and is going to keep an eye on what I write over the coming weeks, so I do know that I will have another reader once in a while. And we will undoubtedly be keeping in touch regularly by email, so although I will no longer be his patient, I won't lose touch with him altogether, which I am sure will be a good thing.

I've undertaken another first today; well it's not really a first, but is was something that I have not done for a very long time. I went and had dinner in a restaurant all by myself. I love Italian food, and curries too. There isn't an Indian restaurant within walking distance (at least I don't think there is), but there is an Italian restaurant less than a mile away from home. I had spotted it when I was walking to the bus stop a few weeks ago, and today I decided to try it. Absolutely superb is how I would describe it. I chose a little table tucked away in a corner so I wouldn't be in the middle of other people if the restaurant started to fill, and the service was very good while the food was excellent. Just in case you wanted to know, I had mushrooms cooked in garlic and olive oil, followed by chicken breast in a mushroom, white wine and cream sauce. I love mushrooms in case you hadn't realized.

Last Thursday There and Back gave us an insight into what she considered to be Therapeutic Intervention No 1 for depression. This led me to a wonderful website called "A Quarter Of" and a world of sweets from childhood was opened up. This site sells all those sweets that you used to buy in the corner sweet shop when you were a child, and I'm afraid that although I am not usually a sweet eater I did succumb and order a few choice morsels. I was chatting with my neighbour's sister a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about a little sweet shop that used to be a few yards away from the primary school that we attended. One of the things that we both loved was called Spanish Gold, and consisted of shredded coconut dusted with chocolate powder, and which was packaged to look like pipe tobacco (oh for those long ago days when political correctness didn't exist and we kids could eat sweet cigarettes and munch on coconut tobacco). Well I had to buy some, didn't I? This evening I have opened up my box of goodies, and I had a peek, but I've resisted so far from dipping in. That's a treat for another day. I have to say "Thanks very much for introducing me to this wonderful site There and Back, I shall be enjoying my treats for quite a few weeks to come."


There and Back said...

It's such a fab website isn't it?! Very tempting though...could spend a lot of money...!

Jim said...

I would not worry to much about readers going up and down on your site. Though I understand how you feel.

I recently stumbled apun your site a couple of days ago, and can identify with you in a lot of areas. But just haven't commented on anything yet.

Though on my blog, I did make a link and comment to one of your posts a couple of days back. You can check it out @ ducttapeandcircuits.com

I haven't added you to my bloglog yet but I intend to with your permission.

Keep it up, we're reading and yes it is good therapy.

madsadgirl said...


I wondered who the person in Michigan was who seemed to be reading all that I had written. You're welcome any time, and I'm more than happy for you to add me to your bloglog. The more the merrier.

Lemon said...

I haven't been on the computer much this week, which is why you've been missing my little visits on your counter, at least.

I need to catch up on your posts, but I can't look at a screen much longer, so I'll catch up asap. :)