Saturday, 5 July 2008

Doctor Who Withdrawal

I love Doctor Who. No, not in the "let's get married" sort of way; more a case of "the best television series ever" kind of love affair. But in little over an hour the current series will be ending, and I am going to have to do cold turkey until 2010.

Yes, I know that there are going to be repeats, and there is the promise of the specials for next year, but I love the 13 weeks of continuous new stories that we have been having for the last few years.

I'm old enough to remember watching the original Doctor Who; I remember persuading my parents that we had to watch it after all the preceding hullaballoo that there had been. We did watch it, and I was an afficianado from the first. I went off it a bit after Peter Davison, and when the new Russell T Davies Doctor Who started I thought that I was too old to watch such a programme. So I missed Series One, and I didn't watch Series Two either, but then they started showing repeats of both series on BBC Three and I became hooked. Friday night I would sit down to watch and be entranced for an hour (I watched Doctor Who Confidential too).

So tonight I will sit down with a drink (Diet Coke, I'm not allowed anything stronger) and I shall pass 90 minutes in the company of a group of people who have reawakened my love of a fictional character. Doctor Who, I will miss you, but I hope that however you are reincarnated when you come back you will maintain the joie de vivre that Russell T has brought to you.

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