Sunday, 13 July 2008

Chatting With The Bride

I have just had a brief conversation with my god-daughter on the phone; she had a lovely day yesterday, but she thought that the day passed so quickly after what had seemed like an interminable time for the great day to arrive.

My problem (apart from having to miss the big day) is that I have difficulty thinking of her as an adult; to me she still seems to be a little girl. She is a sweetheart, who not so long ago admitted to me that she was sorry that she had not worked a bit harder at school, but was still happy with her life and the choices that she had made. And so she should be. She is a partner in a business that has been busy from the day that it opened its doors almost a year ago, her new husband is a great lad who also has his own business, and the pair of them have been together for about 10 years now, so their love for each other must be on a fairly firm footing.

I have been promised an early viewing of the wedding video and copies of lots of photographs so that it will seem that I was there instead of lying on my sickbed with the world spinning around. It won't of course, but it will have to do, and she does at least know how much I love her and that I was thinking of her as she made her vows and became a Mrs.

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