Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Bit Of Navel Gazing

I have been having problems in recent weeks in sticking to my declared intention to write a post on this blog every day. It wasn't really a New Year's Resolution, more a desire to write whenever I could on whatever subject came to mind.

When I first started this blog I seemed to have no problem writing something for the blog, often producing more than one post a day. As time went by the quantity of posts may have diminished a little, but, I would like to think, the quality did not. Then towards the end of last year there was an enforced break when I went into hospital. My stay in hospital led to me writing the Tackling the Mental Health Minefield series of posts and to a lot more people finding my little corner of the blogosphere.

Nothing shows the reduction of posts like looking at the 'blog archive' list on here. I started this blog on 30th June 2008 and wrote 218 posts up to the end of that year. Last year, 2009, saw me writing 227 posts in total, clearly showing that I was slowing down with my output, but that I still found plenty to write about. So far this year I have written 140 posts, including this one, so it is fair to hope that I should manage double that number for the whole year.

Another thing that has changed is that in the early days I would write most of the posts in the morning. Now I usually write them in the evening. One of the reasons for this during the last month is that I am rarely awake in the mornings, and when I am, I feel so 'spaced out' that trying to string two sentences together is beyond me. And because I am writing later in the day, I sometimes get to the stage where I end up thinking that I can't be bothered to write today I'll do it tomorrow. Unfortunately, sometimes tomorrow doesn't come.

But I shall keep on writing. I can't tell you what I will write about because each post may be different to anything that I have written before. And I hope that you will keep on reading and occasionally commenting. My 'virtual friends' mean a great deal to me and have done much to keep me going over the last year or so. You really are wonderful people.

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Lily said...

Glad you're keeping writing even when it gets tough!