Friday, 21 May 2010

Knitting Design Competition

When I was at I Knit on Wednesday I started work on my own sock pattern. It was the second design that I had tried because I realised very early on that the first one that I was knitting just wouldn't work because the yarn was too dark a colour for the pattern to be visible.

While I was working on this new design, Lorraine, who works in I Knit, told me that they were running a design competition so yesterday I emailed her for the rules for entry and this morning I received them. There are three categories, a knitted lace shawl or scarf, a full-size garment (for either an adult or child), and accessories (scarf, hat, mittens, gloves, socks), and each of the categories has three prizes, £250 +wool, £100 + wool, and £50 + wool.

Entries don't have to be in until the middle of August, so I have the opportunity to create more than one design. The knitting of the items is the easy part, the difficult part will be writing the pattern. One of the good things about designing socks is that I can knit one, then write the pattern, and use the pattern to knit the second sock, hopefully spotting any problems or errors as I knit the second sock.

Deciding to enter the competition has also given me something to focus on. There is some purpose in my knitting rather than it being just something to do to pass the time. So this evening I shall focus on the sock and hopefully get to the stage of turning the heel, maybe even completing the manoeuvre. The foot part of the sock is going to be the more difficult part of the pattern because I have decided that rather than have the pattern repeat across the width of the instep part of the sock, it is going to form a single line of moss stitch diamonds from ankle to heel. I think that this will give more impact to the design, but only time will tell.


steph said...

I think you may have inadvertently solved a contributing factor to your depression...

"There is some purpose in my knitting rather than it being just something to do to pass the time"

Now, substitute 'life' instead of 'knitting' in the above sentence and see does it resonate?

I'm quite convinced that you would get huge pleasure out of turning your knitting/creative talent into some form of commercial enterprise.

When you made that child's cardigan (? jumper) for a friend and also those knitted dolls, you sounded so happy and proud.

You strike me as someone who's not frightened of taking on a challenge. I wonder if 'I Knit' would be able to give you some pointers?

Lily said...

That's really exciting! What a good coincidence that just as you're getting into writing your own patterns they have a competition.

I had a dream that I lived in a wool shop last night and that all my furniture was knitted. If I was an artist it would have been the inspiration for some surreal exhibition.

Wendy Love said...

This sounds absolutely exciting. It is a wonderful thing when the activity we do purely for therapeutic effects, can also give focus and meaning to our days. You have hit on a lovely situation here. I am rooting for you!