Thursday, 15 April 2010

Slight Improvement

Yes, there has been a slight improvement in my mood. Although I didn't get to sleep until gone 2am, once I was asleep I stayed that way and slept through most of this morning. That may seem like a waste of a good part of the day but when you have been surviving on a couple of hours sleep (or less) for a week, it is well worth losing those daylight hours.

Yesterday evening I managed quite a few rows on my latest lace shawl. It's a triangular shawl which starts with just 4 stitches and grows with an increasing number of stitches on alternate rows. It's not the most difficult pattern that I have ever knitted but it does require careful watching and I'm afraid that last night I was paying a little too much attention to Midsomer Murders and not enough to the pattern and I have made a mistake.

Making mistakes is an occupational hazard when knitting lace with its combination of knitting stitches together and yarn overs which create the lacy texture and the pattern in the lace. It looks as though I forgot to make a yarn over so I am a stitch short and the only way to correct it is to carefully unpick two rows stitch by stitch. If I was near the beginning of the shawl then this would not be too much of a problem but there are now just short of 200 stitches on the needles so unpicking those two rows is going to take quite a long time. I was going to do it last night so that I could pick up the knitting today and just move on, but I realised that it was probably a task for when I was a bit more awake so I put the knitting aside as a task for this afternoon or this evening.

I'm hoping that having managed to get some sleep last night the same will happen tonight. I hope that the vicious circle of not sleeping so I get depressed and because I am depressed I don't sleep has been broken. And I have something to look forward to tomorrow because I am meeting Lily for lunch and a chat. And I will be delivering Daisy Livingstone Fairy, too.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read your not sleeping again and feeling a little blue. I do hope things pick up for you. Lunch with Lily sounds nice, I hope the weather is a nice for you as it's been here.

I went to Chester Zoo yesterday with another Lily, only this one was 18 months old, and I did the typical British thing of catching the sun and now I resemble a lobster!

I am returning to the world of blogging. If you click the link in my blogger profile it will take you to my new blog 'Crazy Girl Scribbles' (I really couldn't live without blogging!) you won't see it just yet, as it's not open to the public as I'm still perfecting it, but hopefully by the end of the weekend I should be up and running!

Take care of yourself MSG, Alison x