Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hitting The Bottle Again

I don't drink alcohol very often. Okay, so I had half a bottle of wine when I went out for a meal last Saturday, but that was the exception rather than the rule. A number of the various medications that I take say that I should avoid alcohol, and I am well aware how easy it would be to turn to alcohol to try to help my depressed mood even when I am aware that alcohol adds to the depression rather than suppressing it.

Today, I have been shopping for vegetables (lots of them so that I could make a vegetarian casserole in bulk and freeze portions of it) and I added a bottle of sparkling wine to the shopping bag. I did the cooking this afternoon and portioned the casserole out and it is now in the freezer for future meals.

this evening I have enjoyed a homemade curry (something that I already had in the freezer) and I have indulged in the wine with the curry. I had a late breakfast so didn't have any lunch and having the wine with my evening meal has meant that it has gone straight to my head. I'm sure that the effects will soon wear off and then I will be able to do a little bit of knitting while I watch television.

My sock is growing and having turned the heel I am now working my way along the foot towards the decreasing for the toes and then the finishing of the sock. It should progress reasonably well once the alcoholic effects have dissipated. At the moment I am feeling somewhat light-headed and knitting is the last thing that I want to do as I am sure to make mistakes and having progressed so well I don't want any errors to creep in caused by knitting under the influence.

So this evening, I shall finish watching the DVD that I have running at the moment (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone; I couldn't manage anything more intellectual at the moment) and then I shall see how I am feeling and if I'm a little less befuddled then I will knit while I watch something on the box.

One thing is certain, I am likely to be able to fall asleep pretty easily this evening having drunk a bottle of wine. I must remember to drink plenty of water before I go to bed even if it means having to get up in the night, because I don't want to wake up with a headache from my little indulgence.

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Achelois said...

Its good to see you are enjoying cooking again. Knitting and alchohol do not go I agree. A whole bottle of wine sounds a lot for one person. I like those mini bottles as they are just enough to make one feel tipsy without the hangover.

Nowadays if I drink I have a glass of water between glasses something my sister encouraged on a holiday two years ago. The two of us spent a wonderful week in a small apartment abroad. In the evening we shared a bottle of wine. Talked rubbish to each other and generally put the world to rights. Thank you for sharing your evening with us.

I think being of able to partake of alchohol on occassion when you feel like it is a good thing. It is a depressive but right time right place its a tonic and good for the cholestorol count too.