Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tying Myself In Knots

I finished knitting the body parts of the doll today. Two tiny little hands with fingers and thumbs (and having read the instructions they are going to be hell to sew together) and two arms to attach the hands to.

I am knitting the final piece now; it's the wig that forms the doll's hair. It is only 30 rows and with 24 stitches at it widest part but it is taking me forever. This is because of the loop stitch that is used to create the hair is hard on my fingers and I am having to take a break every couple of rows. I'm hoping to finish the wig tonight which will give my poor arthritic left forefinger a rest because it is not used so much in the sewing process like it is when knitting.

Tomorrow will see me start to sew up all the seams on the clothes and inserting the sleeves on the jacket. Then I will be sewing the doll together and starting the stuffing process. I am expecting these tasks to take me a couple of days to complete after which I have to start the embellishment of the clothes before dressing the doll in her finery.

Now I have to publish this post so that I can get back to tying myself in knots with the loop stitch and see if I can get the wig completed this evening. I'm almost halfway at the moment but as the wig is started at the neck edge there are fewer loop stitches to work as I get towards the front of the wig. And fewer loop stitches should make the rows quicker to knit.

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