Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Round Of Applause

Today has been a long day. I know that sounds stupid because days are all the same length. But for me today has been long because I have done a lot of travelling and I have presented my lecture on "A Patient's Perspective On Psychotherapy".

I have managed to incorporate the subject of termination of therapy and my present therapy into the lecture and it has made it a far wider ranging lecture than that which I presented last year. When I was talking to S before we headed to the lecture room, I mentioned that I had included a bit about the termination of therapy and how it can affect the patient, and he replied that he was pleased about that because he felt that it was something that needed to be covered and that I could probably do it far better that the lecturers because I was speaking from personal experience.

Anyway, after a brief introduction from S, I started giving the lecture. Amazingly I did not feel particularly nervous, which considering the extreme anxiety that I always suffer before a psychotherapy session really surprised me. I spoke for just over an hour and when I finished there was a round of applause from the students. Not a gentle polite round of applause but a real enthusiastic hand clapping.

After a short break for coffee, the students were offered the opportunity to ask me questions, and ask questions they did. Lots of questions. S had allowed half an hour for the question and answer session but it went on for more than an hour. I think that all of the students appreciated the opportunity to listen to a mental health patient talk about how mental illness can affect everything that they do in their lives, and how therapy can make a real difference as long as a good therapeutic relationship can be built between the patient and the therapist.

At the conclusion of the question and answer session S and I left for our lunch date. The university is in financial difficulty and can't afford to pay visiting lecturers at the moment. This would never stop me from giving this lecture as it seems to be so well received, but S offered to buy me lunch as payment for my travelling across London to the university and I accepted. We had a lovely meal at a little restaurant just a short distance from the university building and it provided us with the opportunity to chat, both about this morning and the possibility of me continuing to present the lecture whenever the course is being presented, including as a short course in the summer.

After our lunch, S headed back to the university and an afternoon of lecturing on another course, and I headed to the Underground station to begin my journey home. I can't say that I am 'feeling high' like I did last year, but I am feeling quite happy about how well the lecture was received again and that makes all the effort well worth while.


steph said...

Beautifully written and beautifully executed!

May I applaud you all over again?

Sleep well tonight!

Lily said...

Yay! I knew you'd do well! I'm really pleased that it was a success again.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really inspiring to me, having just quailified as a mental health nurse myself!!

I have to say, the most benificial part of my training was sessions from the 'users perspective'. You must feel very brave and proud of yourself for doing this session! Well done!!

I am linked your blog to mine, I hope you dont mind... maybe you could do the same?

I await your next update!

Jobbing Doctor said...

A round of applause from me, too!