Friday, 8 January 2010

Staying In

I didn't sleep very well last night. It was about 2am when I eventually fell asleep and then I kept waking up because of the pain in my knee.

After my little mishaps yesterday when I managed to thump my right knee against the cold hard ground twice, it is swollen and severely bruised. I'm not surprised about the bruising because I take aspirin daily and I have always bruised easily.

I was supposed to be picking up my parcels today and then going to meet Lily (Student Doctor Diaries) for tea this afternoon. At about 9.30am, after limping around the house for a while and managing to bang my knee three times on different pieces of furniture (yes, I am clumsy) I decided to phone her and suggest that we postpone today's meeting as I really didn't fancy trying to walk to the bus stop along the pavements that I had fallen onto twice yesterday.

When Lily answered her phone there was a very hoarse little voice talking to me. Poor Lily had woken up this morning and found that she had lost her voice. My suggestion that we postpone our meeting was greeted with some relief on her part, I believe.

So my opportunity to see her engagement ring and to talk to her about her wedding plans has been put on hold for the time being. However, we will probably manage a meeting either next week or the week after, so I can catch up on all her news then.

After phoning Lily I suddenly came over very tired so I decided that as I wasn't going to go outside today, there was no reason why I couldn't go back to bed for a while. And that is what I did. When I woke up about four hours later I felt a bit better and so I have spent the rest of this afternoon trying to do a bit of studying. I didn't do as much as I had hoped, but at least I have broken the back of the stuff that I still have to read before I settle down to write my 1500-word short story.

This evening, I am going to get out my knitting and try to do a few rows of my lace shawl. When I did some the other day I actually managed to complete 8 rows, which was about 6 rows more than I thought I would do. I have just eaten my evening meal so once this post is published I can get myself comfortable and with a knitted afghan over my knees and another round my shoulders, armed with a bar of chocolate, I shall seat myself in front of the television and see what I can manage tonight. I should finish the pattern block that I am working on at the moment and then do the 4-row divider before starting the next pattern block. This shawl is a bit like a sampler would be in embroidery; it is composed of a number of different lace patterns worked up to the centre of the shawl and they are then worked in reverse for the second half of the shawl. With a bit of luck it should be finished in time for next winter.


Achelois said...

You are doing better than I as I have managed 6 rows of a very odd looking hat I am knitting. Apart from that am going a little stir crazy at home. Its not as though I get out much at the best of times but not having the choice makes me grumpy. I am resisting the urge not to buy 'stuff' over the internet I cannot afford! You are so much better than I at keeping yourself occupied, my brain is mushy.

Can you tell I have had more than my fair share of physiotherapy - RICE - Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Take care of that knee.

Lily said...

I hope your knee is recovering! Fingers crossed all this silly weather will sort itself out soon, nearly everyone I know is sporting some snow or ice related injury.