Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It's Snowing in South-East London! Will The Capital Come To A Standstill?

Well, it looks as though I won't be going to collect my parcels in the morning. I've been lying in bed watching television and through my open bedroom door I can see through a long frosted-glass window at the top of the stairs and about half an hour ago I noticed it was snowing. I have just opened the window and we have about an inch of snow at the moment, but I am sure that it will carry on snowing through the night.

Fortunately I stocked up with most of my immediate needs when I did some shopping on the way home from seeing the HTT yesterday morning, so I should be alright for at least a day, but if it is a lot of snow I will have to venture out on Thursday to get bread and milk.

The snow has started to come down heavier since I started typing this post, so it looks as though we are in for a fair bit of snow tonight. I have to guess that there will be trouble with public transport in the morning, so it is as well that my two appointments this week relating to my mental health have already taken place.

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cb said...

There's barely any snow, just a smattering in north-east London - it's looking more wet than anything else although I'm not too hopeful for the rest of the day.. I was telling all the people I visited yesterday to try and make sure they had enough food in for another few days.. unfortunately though, it has meant my sister, who was due to travel down from Newcastle today, has had to cancel