Saturday, 5 December 2009

Knitting Again

Can you believe it? I've actually started knitting again. I have to admit that I did have a few days when I first came out of hospital when I knitted most of the time but that was because I was in the assisted-living accommodation and I didn't really have much else to do. One of the ladies that I was in hospital with had just had a baby and she asked if I would knit something for him. She bought the pattern and wool the next time she went home on leave with her husband and I managed to knit all the pieces of the cardigan in a few days but it is still waiting for the button band and collar to be completed. I think that is going to be tomorrow afternoon's task.

Today, however, I have started knitting another little jacket for her baby as a present from me. It's a little hooded jacket which should be perfect for the winter. I only started it a few hours ago and I have learnt the 12-row pattern already. I'm a third of the way up the back already so if I get knitting again after I have published post I should be able to get past the half-way mark this evening.

Baby clothes are an excellent way for me to get back into the knitting again because they knit up so quickly. I am hoping to get both garments finished by the end of the week so that I can ring 'D' and let her know that I have finished the cardigan and then give her the hooded jacket as a surprise.


steph said...

awww! That's so sweet.

And you sound GREAT too.

Would love to see pictures of the baby clothes when you have them finished. You might even succeed in persuading me to hunt out my needles and start knitting again.

Achelois said...

Brilliant. I just love to open my reader & see what you have been busy creating. I am a very poor knitter & really enjoy seeing the photo's of your work being the opposite to me and accomplished in your craft! Also am pleased you made a friend 'D'. Would love to see photo's as well. Happy Knitting & take care.