Sunday, 6 December 2009

Baby Clothes

I just love knitting baby clothes because they knit up so quickly. Today I have finished the first of the items that I am making for 'D's' new baby. She chose the pattern, the wool and the buttons; I just provided the expertise to make the garment.
The buttons are cute little rocking horses.
Apologies for the glare on the photograph. I would have taken another one, but the battery was completely exhausted by the time that I had taken these. I guess I will have to find the gizmo and charge it up again.


Achelois said...

That is simply gorgeous, it looks so soft & cosy. Lucky baby & lucky mum to have a friend like you.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous, bit of a cardigan addict, wish I could fit in it. Wish I could knit too, but I try and drop all the stitches, which is hopeless when my mum isn't around to pick them up. Take care x

steph said...

Wow! Thanks for letting us have a peek. It's cute! I'm sure D will be thrilled with it.

Lily said...

That's gorgeous! The little buttons are so cute.