Tuesday, 17 November 2009

No Longer (A) Patient

It's official! I am free to live in the community again. My consultant was really pleased with my progress and has discharged me from the hospital. Yes, I know that I haven't been in it for a week but I was still officially a patient, and today I'm not.

I had to visit the ward today to collect two weeks of medication, but from now on I am back to getting all my various pills from my GP. While I was there I was also given my copy of my discharge summary.

Tomorrow will see the start of the posts about my experience as a 'mental' patient. I intend to cover everything that happened to me so if I repeat some of what I have already written I hope that you will excuse me. I want to see if my experience was the same as others or whether there is a definite difference in the standard of care that you can expect to receive depending where in the country that you are located.

So, all you readers out there who have mental health problems, or friends that have them, please read and comment on the posts as they appear so that I can build up a picture of what the service is like around the country.


Lily said...


I'm glad you're feeling better! Really looking forward to reading your up coming posts!

Nikita said...

Pleased to hear your feeling better too.

Take care

Achelois said...

Am delighted to see you are feeling better. Take of yourself & welcome home.