Monday, 28 September 2009

The Best Blog About

The best blog about at the moment is Traction Man's Notes From A Hospital Bed. I have been reading it since it was featured on the BBC's website and it details the food that is being served in one particular NHS Hospital at the moment.

One has to say that the majority of the food is appalling, and in no way is it likely to aid the recovery of someone who is ill. But it is possible that the hospital management have rumbled this anonymous blogger, for he is starting to receive meals that do not come off the menu that is served to the rest of the patients.

Traction Man's sense of humour will undoubtedly get him through his long ordeal in hospital, but if his blog can help to focus on the poor standard of hospital food then I hope that he continues to give us a daily run down on what appears on his plate each meal time.

If you haven't seen the blog yet I encourage you to pay a visit. Since featuring on the BBC website, it has been reported in newspapers, radio, and television around the world and now has a truly international readership. Sadly, it seems that hospital food can be just as bad in other countries too.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if inpatients get the same choice of food but I have to say that my free hospital canteen dinners are the highlight of my week!! They're just how I expect institutional food to be - plain, hearty and generously slopped out!
Makes a welcome change from all the wild-rocket and mung-beans I'd otherwise be gnawing through at home!

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't complain too much about the hospital food I got over three weeks... although saying that I stuck to the homemade soups and salads quite often but it was all fresh and hot when it arrived to the ward... Maybe I'm just not fussy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to that blog! Delightful, in a mildly concerning manner.